Why You Should Procure Professional Transcription Services Locally And Not Outsource Internationally.

Are you looking for a professional transcription service for the audio recordings of your market research interviews, videos, webinars, dictations, medical notes/letter or  business meetings? There are many different agencies where you can hire transcribers from but you should consider hiring them locally instead of outsourcing the services from another country. You’ll want to hire a U.S. based business like Transcription Smith LLC and not a foreign company for many reasons.

Transcription Smith LLC - Akron Professional Transcription ServicesLanguage

While many foreign transcription services companies can transcribe your recording, they might not get the language quite right. Many can deliver an English transcript but if they are not native English speakers or familiar with our culture, they can get some words and/phrases wrong or use words that have the wrong meaning. You don’t want to have to go through the work slowly and correct errors in the completed transcript. The time it takes to correct these errors can make the savings you get by hiring one of these services not worth it in the long run. You’ll  want to hire a U.S. based professional transcription service company because of the language and cultural differences.

Support Local Economy

When you hire a local transcription service to transcribe your podcast recordings, research interviews, business conferences, medical notes or other recordings, you are helping the local economy. It’s worth it for you to hire professionals in your town or state because most of the money you spend will end up going back into the community and therefore stimulating the local economy. When you outsource the work overseas, you’re  just removing money out of the country, which is not beneficial to our country’s economy.

Less Hassle

The language difference, payments and other factors can make working with outsourced foreign businesses complicated. If you’re in a rush to get your transcription work done, then it makes more sense to go with local companies because you will have fewer problems with these individual entities. When you work with locally based services, you reduce the chances that you’ll get poor quality work or work that won’t even be completed in the manner that you deserve.

Better Customer Service

Usually, it is a lot easier to get in touch with a local business over the telephone, physically or electronically than one in a foreign country because of the time difference and distance. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable having a business relationship with a professional transcription services company you can actually talk to personally, and/or physically visit? In cases of extreme confidentiality, knowing the person/people who are doing your work would give you the peace of mind you deserve. Do not underestimate the power of a physical hand shake to seal a business relationship and you will not receive that when dealing with someone who is oceans away.

Remember, it’s always better to “in-source” than to outsource.