Why your business meetings should be recorded and transcribed.

Transcription Smith LLC Provides Professional Transcription Services for Business Meetings

We have all attended meetings at which there were multiple points of view, e.g. performance reviews, disciplinary or grievance interviews, IEP meetings, board meetings and so on.  Notes on such meetings are often incomplete, especially when there is a rapid exchange of views.

Having a transcribed record of such meetings is an undeniable benefit. Besides the obvious merit of providing a full account of proceedings, transcripts of those meetings can be used as training tools for managers or manuscripts for arbitrators, distributed as meeting minutes or filed to maintain proper documentation for future reference.  Knowing that the meeting is being recorded often helps people to stay on point and act appropriately, even if they find the subject (or other attendees at the meeting) emotionally provocative.

In cases of employee/management meetings, transcripts are a great tool for honing the managerial skills necessary to be an effective communicator. Continued training through session transcripts is a cost-effective method to help managers conduct professional meetings, interviews, panels, sessions, etc.  Additionally, an audio recording eliminates the possibility of incorrect recollections by the parties involved. It is also a service to employees, some of whom find it intimidating to meet behind closed doors with their supervisors. Explaining the process and allowing them access to transcripts can help alleviate fears of bullying or coercion.

Any situation that potentially could result in arbitration should be recorded whenever possible. Presenting a transcript is a courtesy sure to be appreciated and speaks to a willingness to be open and aboveboard. While that alone is not enough to guarantee a favorable ruling, it demonstrates a commitment to transparency and can help eliminate false accusations.

Audio records and transcripts of board meetings are also advantageous, capturing each committee report and every facet of discussion. When an enthusiastic board considers options, ideas can come fast and furious. Transcription of the audio record ensures nothing is missed.

Companies rarely have skilled in-house transcriptionists. It is can be hard to provide expeditious, quality transcripts from an office setting with extraneous noise and interruptions. The economical solution is to hire a transcription service as needed. We will gladly give you a free estimate for your business or organization.