Transcription is a difficult job that is often outsourced to professional transcription agencies that have trained staff who can quickly and accurately transcribe your audios into text. While this is the short version of the transcription story, the actual version is one of frustrated transcribers and clients who on many occasions fail to get the desired out outcomes often due to the quality of the audios being worked on. With a good quality audio, those offering transcription services will easily and very quickly deliver a highly accurate text version of your audio. So how exactly can you make sure you record high-quality audios to ensure excellent quality on transcriptions?

Record in A Quiet Place

While it may not be possible to completely eliminate background noises, making an effort to find a location that is quiet and noise free can significantly help improve audio quality. Something as simple as locking doors and windows can keep out a lot of noise that could distort your audio.

Place Your Mic Properly

The placement of the mic makes a significant contribution to the quality of the recording. Even in a very quiet room a poorly placed mic will reduce the quality of the recording and cause difficulties to the transcription services provider. A mic placed too far away from the speaker or too near to the speakers mouth is likely to result in a poor recording. Place the mic at different points and make a test recording to see where you get the best quality audio.

Speak At a Slower Pace

When speaking to record for transcription, it makes sense to slow down especially if you normally speak very fast. Even when speaking at an average pace, there are many transcribers who could easily miss out on words phrases or even whole sentences. Make a conscious effort to speak slowly to make it easier for people to hear every word in the recording such that even a general transcription service provider can produce high-quality transcripts from your audio.

Ask Professional Transcription Service Providers

If you have had a streak of bad recordings that resulted in really bad transcripts, it might be time to get in touch with the experts for help. A professional transcription service provider will competently guide you on what you need and exactly how you should go about making recordings for the highest quality of audios. Since they are in the business of offering transcription services, they are best placed to offer advice on what makes a great recording and what does not.

High-quality recordings automatically translate to excellent quality transcripts. This is true for both professional and general transcription service providers.

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